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Coaching & advice

Your house features an outdoor space, a garden, a terrace or even a patio.

You would like to create a new flower bed, an aromatic box, a green wall or even a permaculture garden.

You don’t know where to start… you’re a little frightened to get started, you lack time to manage everything…

RéVes & Jardins can assist you in all your projects.

We can offer you a customised support that will meet your needs:

  • Personnalised workshop(s) at your residence
  • Workshop(s) in small groups on a specific theme
  • Coaching throughout your project.

We will stand by your side to give you advice on good practice in gardening, on the advantages of permaculture, on growing vegetables with the moon…

We can advise you, show you the right things to do so that you will enjoy taking care of your garden in all serenity.

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