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RéVes & Jardins

About us

RéVes & Jardins is a family company established in the trading estate of Loix since 2018. Its manager, Hervé GABOS, has been passionate about gardening for over 40 years. Former project manager in logistics for 25 years, he opted for a carreer change in 2016 in order to be closer to nature and listen to his inner aspirations. He decided to settle down on Ré Island, a family holiday location for several decades, with his cordless garden tools in an environment-friendy approach.

RéVes & Jardins works for many regular customers (year-round maintenance contracts) and occasional ones in Loix and La Couarde sur Mer but also covers the whole island as well as the area of La Rochelle.

Particularity of the Ile de Ré

It should be emphasized that the climate of the Ile de Ré, mild and temperate, allows the vegetation to develop from the first days of spring until mid-November.

On the other hand, the winter climate has an impact on the local flora, because the sea spray brought by ocean storms damage many plants, which must be replaced in spring.

So much work for a landscaping company. This is why we offer you various services according to your needs and wishes.





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