Maintenance of your garden

RéVes & Jardins

of your garden

Whether you live on Ré Island or close to La Rochelle, whether you work in Tourism or Real estate, your landscaped parks or gardens have to be perfect all year round.

RéVes & Jardins can offer you a-la-carte subscriptions:

  • 1 maintenance per week (from April to September)
  • Annual contract (monthly maintenance from February to November)
  • 4 maintenances per year (March, June, September, November)
  • A number of visits on demand (at your convenience)

An adapted maintenance

How to quantify the right number of visits for optimal maintenance?

We can define precise specifications and list all your needs in detail:

  • Surface area of your outdoor space
  • Tree species and flowers to maintain
  • Types of garden paths

Our services

Services included

in the maintenance contract of your landscaped area:

  • Lawn mowing and disposal of green waste
  • artifical grass cleaning
  • Brush clearing and disposal
  • Application of soil-enriching products (organic compost and fertilizers)
  • Maintenance of flower beds and boxes
  • Flower beds and ornamental shrubs digging and hoeing
  • Supply of mulch products
  • Manual weeding of paths (witout any phytosanitary products)
  • Ramassage des feuilles et évacuation en déchetterie
  • Manual watering of your landscaped area or management of your sprinkler
  • Collection and disposal of leaves in recycling centers
  • Deadheading and cleaning of flower beds (disposal of withering flowers)
  • Trimming of berry and rose shrubs
  • Wintering of your flower boxes and ornamental shrubs at your home.

Organic composts, soil-enriching and mulch products are at additional charge.  

Additional services

subject to quote:

  • Scarification and moss removal of your natural grass
  • Grassing
  • Trimming of shrubs and fruit trees
  • Planting of spring and summer blossoming bulbs.
  • Biodynamic treatment of trees (no chemichal products)
  • Annual cleaning of your garden paths and pavings (only with water)
  • Annual cleaning of your fence walls (idem)
  • Order, transport and storing at your home of your firewood for autumn and winter weekends
  • Wintering and maintenance of your outdoor bush boxes and your indoor ornamental plants at RéVes & Jardins.
  • Olives harvesting and organisation of virgin oil pressing

For cleaning operations, the customer will supply water and electricity to operate the high-pressure cleaner.

Need a hand to mow your lawn, trim an unruly hedge or simply collect a shrub before planting it? Don’t hesitate to ask us! On demand or annual contract, it’s up to you.

RéVes & Jardins uses cordless garden tools to reduce noise and avoid petrol smells for a greener environment!





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