In May we don’t always do what we like.

Here is the month of May and its lily of the valley!

This little bit announcing happiness has a hard time making us forget the health crisis that strikes us all.

Fortunately, everyone is mobilizing and organizing themselves as best as possible so that economic activity does not stop entirely. Our apprentice Ophélie returned to the building sites and the work continues. Because Mother Nature does not care about COVID 19 and the grass grows, flowers multiply, fruits appear in the trees … If our customers cannot move, RéVes & Jardins is there to discipline landscaped areas. Thus, at the end of confinement (because it will take place, high hearts!) We will immediately enjoy his garden.

Roses in great shape


création d'un petit massif

creation of a small massive

Les poules nous apporte des oeufs et de l'engrais pour le potager.

The hens bring us eggs and fertilizer for the vegetable patch.


In the novelties we have acquired a large mesh trailer to facilitate the transport of plants and the disposal of green waste. Great productivity for the whole company. We also have invested in a tiller for lawn sites.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any intervention request by clicking on the following link: contact.

see you soon !